Right Now! Your At The Right Place & Moment In Space. We Have Collided In Paths Of Self Discovery & Behold A New Mission In Life Purpose. So Truly Thank You!

My Life Like Other's Has Been An Absolute Roller-Coaster Ride, The Challenges Of Wanting More, Being More, Tired Of The Robotic Swings Of Life, You Know? The Day To Day Schedule/Routine. The Highs The Lows....

Well On This Particular Ride, I Happen To Be At My Lowest & Wasn't Able To Set My Self Free, To Make Long Story Short. What I Identified Myself To Be Was Being Strip. Ex (Marriage, Business, Family, Motivation, Will Ext....) The Truth Of The Matter Is, I Connected With Everything Around Me Besides Me.

Self Discovery Was Born, It Amazing What Happens To The Human Mind When It's Force To Confront itself. The Battle Most Of Time Has Nothing To Do With Anyone or Anything. Our Biggest Battles Truly, Is The Reflection. During Pain My Discovery Happen To Be Healing.-

I Am Not Just Providing A Product, I'm Pouring Into My Spirit Through Meditation And Releasing Energy Of Healing & Vision & Peace & Love Into These Items. To Keep You & I Reminded On Our Path To Glory & Purpose!